Secondary schools

Secondary schools

Our education team provide quality resources that enhances the teaching of Religious Education. We are experienced Buddhist practitioners and trained teachers, offering in-depth workshops on principles and practices of Buddhism to all Key Stages. Also on offer is quality CPD and subject knowledge training for students and qualified Religious Education teachers.


Buddhist Practice in the 21st Century

Through demonstrations of Buddhist practice, looking at the lives of influential Buddhist thinkers and asking key questions, pupils will be able to come to understand how Buddhist philosophy has been used to empower individuals to take valuable action within society. We cater for all Key Stages including GCSE and A Level.

Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


SGI-UK has supported schools to host the exhibition ‘Seeds of Hope’. A perfect way to bring the ideas of sustainable development alive, we offer workshops and learning opportunities that encourage students to broaden their thinking into how they can develop their own personal mission in society.

Sustainable Development Goals


The United Nations’ Global Goals are vital in ensuring that no one is left behind. Working with our education team, students will explore the ways that they can individually contribute to making the ‘2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’ a reality. This session is a perfect way to develop learning around global citizenship and bring the SDGs alive.

  • I would like to thank the education team for their time, engagement and openness with the students during our trip to your Buddhist centre. They found the whole visit extremely rewarding and came back feeling that they had a better understanding of Buddhism.

    Year 13 teacher from Brixton

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