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The discussion meeting

This short video explains the heart and spirit of discussion meetings that are a cornerstone of SGI activities and their impact on her life. Dialogue around a theme is an important aspect of the discussion meeting. Anyone is free to speak or not. All points of view are welcome.


You can use this to get in touch with people practising near you. They will be able to explain about the local activities and you can discuss how to go to a local meeting to find out more. These meetings are always free to attend.

SGI-UK Centres

The SGI is a lay organisation. The centres where members come together to chant, study or plan events are open and nurtured as culture centres rather than as temples or churches. Centres are representative of the areas in which they are situated and of the people responsible for their development. Therefore there is not one model, although each centre contains at least one room dedicated to chanting in front of the Gohonzon.

There are currently 4 centres in the UK.  These are open to members and the public alike.  Please see details below for opening times and contact details.

London Ikeda Peace Centre

Centre opening times: Monday to Thursday 7pm - 9pm, Saturday 10am - 4.15pm, Sunday 10am - 3.15pm

South London National Centre

Centre Opening Times : Monday to Friday 7pm - 9pm Saturday and Sunday 10am - 3:30pm.


Taplow Court

Centre Opening Time for SGI Visitors: 10am - 5pm


SGI-UK West London Centre

Centre Opening Times : Wednesday to Friday 7pm - 9pm, Saturday 10am - 6pm and Sunday 10am - 2pm.



SGI-UK movement


A worldwide movement comprising independent organisations in 192 countries and a global co-ordinating staff


SGI-UK has over 14,500 members across the UK


We the constituent organizations and members of the Soka Gakkai International (hereinafter called SGI)

SGI-UK map of the world

How to make contact with SGI in different countries?

There are SGI members in 192 countries and territories. This link will take you to the SGI website, providing detailed information about making contact.