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SGI-UK annual peace proposal

SGI-UK General Director – Robert Harrap

Robert Harrap has been the General Director of SGI-UK since December 2013. Before that he spent 16 years as a barrister in chambers in London’s Inner Temple. Prior to his appointment as General Director Robert served as both the Men’s Leader and Head of the SGI-UK Study department. He has practised Nichiren Buddhism for 30 years and lives in the village of Taplow with his wife, Claire.



Gabrielle started practising Buddhism within SGI-UK when she was 14, having been born to an already-practising Buddhist mother. Throughout her teens, and now into her twenties, Gabrielle has discovered her passion for interfaith activism and building bridges of peace between people. Gabrielle works for SGI-UK as the Deputy Editor of the monthly Art of Living magazine and External Relations staff.

Click to hear Robert Harrap and Gabrielle Westhead on BBC Radio Two’s Pause for Thought