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Annual Peace Proposal

Every year, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda publishes a peace proposal which explores the interrelation between core Buddhist concepts and the diverse challenges global society faces in the effort to realize peace and human security. The main audience is the UN, who have implemented many of the proposals. It has also been very widely taken up around the world. SGI-UK holds meetings throughout the UK discussing the Peace Proposal.  SGI-UK also holds an annual symposium with academics from a variety of disciplines and Universities. Key themes are studied in small groups and discussed in the whole group. Speakers relevant to these themes also address the symposium. 

As an example here are the three main themes of the 2017 proposal
•    The first challenge is creating solidarity toward respectful coexistence on the one planet that we all share. In this, the role of young people is central.
•    The second challenge is to lay the foundations for societies in which division and inequality are overcome.
•    The third challenge is enhancing the capacity of communities to meet and respond positively to even the most trying events or circumstances. 
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