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For members of SGI, Buddhahood is a high state of life anyone can cultivate. It fosters an active involvement in society on the basis of fundamental respect for the dignity of life


In his 39th annual peace proposal, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda calls for further global cooperation to address the key issues of our time: the COVID-19 pandemic, the climate crisis and the need to rid the world of nuclear weapons. He comments, “Our shared efforts to respond to the pandemic can serve as a foundation for generating global awareness of the essential role of human solidarity in transforming crises.”

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The phrase “Kosen-rufu” refers to a process through which there is broad acceptance of the principles of Buddhism around the world. Kosen means to “widely declare.” “Widely” implies speaking out to an ever-greater number and ever-broader spectrum of people. Like a cloth unfolding, it spreads out and covers all. So rufu means to flow freely, reaching all

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SGI contributes to important issues in the wider world, and demonstrates how ordinary people can effect change

SGI-UK annual peace proposal

annual peace proposal

Every year, SGI President Daisaku Ikeda publishes a peace proposal which explores the interrelation between core Buddhist concepts and the diverse challenges global society faces in the effort to realize peace and human security. For the past 7 years members of SGI-UK who are academics have organised an annual Peace Proposal Symposium and have invited academics who are not members to meet for a day to discuss the key themes in the annual Peace Proposal


SGI-UK is involved in inter-faith at the local, national and international levels. SGI-UK is playing an active role in the UK's Network of Buddhist Organisations

Supporting the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons

SGI has a longstanding and deeply held conviction on the need to prohibit all nuclear weapons, leading to their total elimination. SGI-UK is an active partner with Religions for Peace


Nothing is more powerful than culture which makes us fully human

(Reaching Beyond by Daisaku Ikeda, Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorte)

Visual Art

The gallery images come from works by members of SGI-UK displayed at Taplow Court


The Glorious Life Chorus comprised of members of SGI-UK,  with its repertoire of unique songs expressing fundamental respect for the dignity of life, takes the movement out into British society


Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter, longstanding SGI members, have been developing jazz which expresses the dignity of life


...allow me to re-emphasis the global challenge that faces us: the creation of a human society that serves the essential needs of education. When defined as those activities that foster the talents and character of human beings, 'education' is in no way limited to classrooms but is a mission that must be undertaken and realised by human society as a whole

(Soka Education by Daisaku Ikeda; Pg 107)

SGI-UK pedagogy


The founder of the Soka Gakkai, Mr Makiguchi developed an educational pedagogy based on the creation of value

SGI-UK educator's group

Educator's Group

Members of SGI-UK who are educators meet together, share experiences and encourage one another to develop humanistic education where they work

SGI-UK schools


SGI-UK's national centre at Taplow Court is host to visits from local schools


The great challenge in life is to make the distinction between our ability to be the Buddha, and therefore wise, compassionate and courageous, as opposed to the ability to muddle along as the ordinary ‘common mortal’ at the mercy of fear, doubt, delusion and other aspects of what Buddhism calls fundamental darkness


SGI-UK holds a number of exhibits communicating in easy to read and accessible ways this vision of peace, culture and education as opening practical paths to peace both for individuals and organisations. Anyone interested in using an exhibit please contact SGI-UK

What members do

All members of SGI-UK, as individuals, by virtue of their human revolution and the cultivation of the high state of life of Buddha, are creating peace, culture and education. This is not something that only SGI-UK as an organisation does. Here a number of members of SGI-UK share their experiences of 'making a difference'

BBC Radio

Since 2014 our General Director, Robert Harrap, has talked on BBC Radio 2's 'Pause for Thought' and recently on Radio 4's 'Prayer for the Day'

Ecological sustainability

SGI has contributed to the Earth Charter, and has raised awareness about it


You can use this to get in touch with people practising near you. They will be able to explain about the local activities and you can discuss how to go to a local meeting to find out more. These meetings are always free to attend.