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Media Advisory Press Release

Media Advisory: Giving Voice to Youth of Faith Engaged in Climate Action –a First at COP27
What: Multifaith youth side event at COP27 with live painting by young artists
When: Tuesday 15th November, 11:30-13:00PM
Where: Side Event Room 9 Tutankhamun and also live-streamed
Who: Lucy Plummer (Soka Gakkai International-UK), David Munene (Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa - CYNESA), Shantanu Mandal (Brahma Kumaris), Victor Ayertey (International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) Pax Romana) and Michelle Schwartz(Lutheran World Federation).
Why: Young people, including young people of faith, are key leaders in the global climate movement. The share of young people in the world population continues to grow rapidly, particularly in developing nations. As future generations will be most impacted by the climate crisis, it is essential the perspectives and needs of children and young people are heard and that their voices are represented in global decision-making. Young people are key influencers in mobilizing faith voices. Young faith leaders worldwide are mobilizing themselves and their communities to act on climate change in diverse ways. Faith-based organizations and young people of faith play a critical role in mobilizing society toward environmentally sustainable livelihoods and must be supported in doing so. Additionally, young faith leaders draw upon intergenerational, multi-faith traditions and perspectives in order to motivate their work around the global climate agenda.
For the first time at COP, we bring together organizations and initiatives and people involved in the youth-faith-environment/climate nexus to showcase capacity building and programmatic strategies supporting young people of faith in acting for climate justice, and highlight the ways young people play a critical role in pushing their faith communities to be more environmentally sustainable.

Join us as we highlight the contributions of young people, especially from the global south, towards climate action from diverse faith traditions and  listen to young people share powerful messages collected from peers across the world during an online consultation held in preparation for the event.

Don't miss our side event where there will also be an experimental, live art session with youth artists painting to express their feelings during the session!

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Lucy Plummer (at COP27 in Egypt)
Youth Engagement Co-ordinator
Soka Gakkai International-UK
Phone: +44 7446 916723
David Munene (at COP27 Egypt)
Programs Manager,
Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa CYNESA)
Phone: +25 4725 910100