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Since October 2020, SGI-UK and the Centre for Applied Buddhism have been organising a monthly series of webinars looking at the climate crisis, and making positive suggestions for a hopeful future. Each month the focus alternates: when SGI-UK takes the lead we look at the contribution made by the philosophy of Nichiren Buddhism and the actions of SGI members. In alternate months, the Centre for Applied Buddhism involved people from different backgrounds and introduces an interfaith or multifaith dimension.

By following the link you can see past webinars, and sign up for future ones.

Past Webinars

October 2020

Bodhisattvas for the Earth
1st October 2020:
SGI-UK hosted a webinar featuring Robert Harrap, General Director of SGI-UK, who introduces the SGI Buddhist perspective on the causes and resolution to the climate crisis.

November 2020

Buddhist Environmentalism
19 November 2020:
Following on from SGI-UK’s inaugural webinar on 1 October, the Centre for Applied Buddhism (CfAB) hosts the second webinar in the series, featuring keynote speaker Dr Emilie Parry, a doctoral researcher at the University of Oxford's School of Geography and Environment and founder of Rootbridge Ecosystems, and respondent Sanya Rajpal, SGI-UK Buddhist and youth advocate.


December 2020

Bodhisattvas for the Earth: Climate Action in the Community
10th December 2020:
Dr Michele Lamb hosts Liz Lorente (Transition Town Marlow), Vieve Richardson (Marine biologist), Sharron Harrison (Gleaning / community engagement) and Franco Zaffanella (Food production) in an inspiring discussion and Q&A.

January 2021

Climate Action and the Need for Transformation: Multifaith Webinar

28th January 2021:
In the fourth webinar in the series of Climate Talks hosted by The Centre For Applied Buddhism and SGI-UK, we hear from five representatives of different faith communities around the U.K, speaking on the topic of ‘Transformation’ in relation to the climate emergency, and what they are doing as part of their communities in order to address this issue.

February 2021

Creative Ecologies
24th February 2021:
Chaired by SGI-UK Youth Division Leader, Koichi Samuels with Dr. Arianna Sdei (Architect and Sustainability Consultant – ‘Towards zero carbon architecture), Dr. Louise Squire (Specialist Tutor, University of Portsmouth – ‘Fiction, Ecology, and the Buddhist view of death’), Dr. Emilia Terracciano (Art Historian, University of Manchester – ‘In the company of trees: making sense of learning and living in an ecologically-damaged world’).

March 2021

Economics, Sustainability and the Power of the Simple
1st April 2021:
Hosted by The Centre of Applied Buddhism, in this webinar Sian Sutherland and Satish Kumar take us on a journey of tackling the environmental crisis, outlining their work to combat environmental issues and offering points on what we can all do to contribute to a healthy planet. At the end we are joined by Lucy Plummer for a Q&A session.

April 2021

Soka Institute of the Amazon
28th April, 2021:
SGI-UK hosted the seventh webinar in the series featuring speakers from the Soka Institute of the Amazon. Founded in 1991, the Soka Institute of the Amazon is an initiative led by SGI President Daisaku Ikeda with a focus on creating environmental awareness projects and protecting the Amazon region.

May 2021

Hope for the Future, a climate charity that works to equip communities & individuals to communicate the urgency of the climate. There are many ways we can speak out as Buddhists. How do we empower ourselves to do that, individually and collectively?

Co-organised with Eco Dharma Network, this webinar will be led by Hope for the Future, a climate charity that works to equip communities and individuals to communicate the urgency of the climate crisis with their local representatives. In this webinar they suggest ways of building strong relationships with MPs and councillors through understanding their values and finding common ground. 26th May

June 2021

Thinking creatively and taking action in response to the climate emergency
30th June, 2021:
In this webinar, Taplow Court Head Gardener Phil Rollinson and fellow gardener Claire Donnelly invite us to explore the gardens and wildlife at Taplow Court, and to share their efforts to garden sustainably, whilst supporting biodiversity across the estate.

July 2021

Racial Justice and Climate Action
28th July, 2021:
The Centre for Applied Buddhism (CfAB) hosted the tenth webinar in the series on Wednesday 28th July. This webinar explores the ways in which climate change and climate action intersect with racial equity, and the crucial role that racial justice plays in terms of both environmental impact and solutions.

August 2021

Bodhisattvas for the Earth - Youth and Climate Action
25th August, 2021:
A group of SGI-UK Youth Division members, known as Youth Climate Change Ambassadors, have been meeting regularly since the beginning of the year to study and discuss climate action. In this webinar, The Youth Climate Change Ambassadors present and discuss various topics and how they take action to combat the climate crisis, exploring ways in which those around us are also taking action; from conservation, to sustainability in business and youth participation, as well as deepening their understanding and practice of Buddhist principles concerning the environment. They also answer questions from the viewers, exploring the Buddhist approach to the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, which was published on 9th August 2021

September 2021

How Can We Make COP Count?
29th September, 2021:
This year’s Climate Conference is arguably our last moment to come together and make lasting changes towards a sustainable future for all life on earth. In this Webinar we hear about what faith communities are and could be doing to make this a turning point in the run up to COP26 in November 2021.
Featuring discussions and talks from: Olivia Hanks (Economics and Sustainability Programme Manager, Quakers in Britain) Shanon Shah (Director, Faith for the Climate) and Alexandra Masako Goossens-Ishii, (Programme Coordinator, SGI Office for UN Affairs)

October 2021

SGI at COP26 – Sowing Seeds of Hope – Action for Climate Justice
27th October, 2021:
This webinar explored how SGI would be represented and working with other organisations during the UN Climate Change Conference COP26 in Glasgow in November 2021. This webinar was not recorded.

January 2022

What Happened at COP?
27th January, 2022:
On Thursday 27th January 2022, SGI-UK hosted a webinar reporting on the activities taken by SGI members and the Centre for Applied Buddhism in and around COP26 in November 2021, as well as looking towards COP27 which takes place in November 2022.

February 2022

Human Rights and Climate Justice
24th February, 2022:
An important outcome of COP26 was a growing awareness that the climate crisis cannot be averted without also addressing social justice and protecting human rights. This webinar brings together members of faith-based organisations and experts in human rights to share ideas on how religious teachings and practitioners can contribute to this growing movement for climate justice and human rights. It explores such questions as ‘What is loss and damage?', 'How can we reverse the growing inequalities at the heart of our societies?', 'What tools do we have to support those most effected by the climate crisis?' and 'What can faith-based organisations do to support and protect human rights and climate justice?'

May 2022

Building Futures, why everybody matters
26th May, 2022:
On Thursday 26th May 2022, SGI-UK hosted a Climate Webinar entitled, ‘Building Futures, why everybody matters’ - Ana Romero and DanaĆ© Espinoza, whose work revolves around climate action and education, gave beautifully in-depth and informative talks on the work that they have been involved in around Citizen’s Diplomacy and around Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE).


July 2022

Transforming Human History
28th July, 2022:
On Thursday 28th July 2022, SGI-UK hosted a Webinar featuring presentations from 4 youth division members of SGI-UK, who explain how principles of sustainability apply in their work or studies and how they are engaging with Daisaku Ikeda's Peace Proposals in their daily lives.

September 2022

SGI at COP 27
27th September, 2022:
SGI and SGI-UK are official observers for the international Climate Conferences organised by UNFCCC, and this webinar explores how SGI members taking part in COP 27 were preparing ahead of the Climate Conference, which took place in Egypt in November 2022. This webinar features presentations from Alex Goossens-Ishi (SGI Office of UN Affairs) , SGI-UK Youth division member Lucy Plummer, Ana Romero (SGI-UK Member and member of the Mexico Delegation at COP) and SGI-UK General Director Robert Harrap, with a question and answer session at the end.